#FridayFavorite- Morgan Crowson

Friday! Friday! Got to feed hungry children on Friday!!! That’s how it goes right??? Maybe not, but you can feed a starving child today by trying Morgan’s #FridayFavorite!  Morgan has a heart of gold and is always willing to help out in the store. She volunteers to help fix up our chalkboard, to slice potatoes for soup, and she helped create our signature birthday dessert.   She does so…

#FridayFavorite- Brent Burroughs

It’s Friday!  Another week has passed and that means it’s time to give you another great deal from one of our team members.  This week we introduce you to Brent Burroughs.  Brent is at Pitza 42 nearly every morning in order to get our fresh ingredients prepared for you.  When you see Brent in the store, let him know how much you appreciate all he does to provide a great meal for…

#FridayFavorite- Jordan Williams

Happy Friday! It is time for another Face Behind the #FridayFavorite! This week we introduce to you Jordan Williams.

If you have been in the store when Jordan was working, you received some form of compliment. Maybe she loved your hair or your shoes or your purse. She is one of the sweetest young women we have met, and we are sad to say that she is only with us on select days since she has…

Faces of #FridayFavorites

Pitza 42 started with a simple mission donating a meal for every meal sold. A HUGE part of making this possible are the faces you see each time you order your pizza. Our team is the backbone to our business. They get there early and stay late with one focus: “Provide customers great food with amazing customer service in order to give hope to a starving child around the world.”

We call our…

One week OPEN… week closed.

So this is a unique week and one that we will probably all laugh about someday… After our amazing grand opening week we find ourselves closed this week.  Here’s the deal.  We discovered during our soft opening that we were having problems cooling the restaurant.  The dining room was having trouble keeping up, but even worse was the kitchen.  It took several opinions and a couple weeks to…

Make A Difference March!

Last week, Austin and I were running around the restaurant making pizzas, prepping ranch, and cleaning tables…. you know what normal couples do on a Friday night.  It had been one of those days where the tasks before us shadowed the real mission of why we were working.

Then, a couple stopped me as I was packaging their carry-out order and asked a simple question.

“How can we help giv…

Eat Good. Do Good.

SO honored to share this blog with you from Kore Colwell, one of our P42 Interns last semester!   Thank  you Kore for sharing the mission of Pitza 42 and for serving as an intern.   May her words encourage you and remind you of the HUGE impact you have on the world every time you eat at Pitza 42.



18,000 children die a day from starvation. Every single day. Let that…

5 Reasons You Should Be Eating Hummus

I remember the first time I had hummus like it was yesterday.  Austin and I had just moved to California and were bombarded with a bit of culture shock-everything from the traffic to the absence of an accessible Wal-Mart.  Our first week there, we met some new friends through work and were invited to appetizers and barbeque.  Now, to a southern girl, when you say BBQ… I’m thinking smoked…

190 Million Meals

190 million meals and 800,000 volunteers!


Last week we had the amazing privilege of speaking at Feed My Starving Children’s annual Partner’s Conference. Once a year FMSC brings all of their distribution partners together, these are the guys on the ground feeding the kiddos and making a big difference all over the world.




As you can imagine, w…

3 Reasons to be at the MobilePack

3 Reasons to be at the MobilePack

1. The What:

You get to personally pack the meals you have helped raise through eating at Pitza 42.
3,000 volunteers will sign up for one of nine 2-hour packing sessions at Fellowship Bible Church.
Truly a unique opportunity for all ages to serve as a family, school group, business or church group


2. The Details:

April 3-5,…

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